LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer trading platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins for cash. It’s one of the most popular ways to purchase cryptocurrency, but there are some risks involved with buying and selling on this platform.

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform. It allows users to buy and sell bitcoins for cash locally, online or through the app.

Localbitcoins is a cryptocurrency veteran, having been in operation since 2012. The crypto company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, and began as a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange that reflects Bitcoin’s decentralized nature. As a result, the fundamental concept is that Localbitcoin acts as a marketplace, but all transactions on the site are conducted directly between users, rather than via Localbitcoin.

Localbitcoin is similar to a cryptocurrency version of Amazon or Ebay in this regard. Localbitcoins, in essence, offers a fast and safe infrastructure for individuals to purchase and trade bitcoins between themselves. They accept a wide range of payment methods and provide a variety of innovative bitcoin options, including a personal Bitcoin ATM!

In this article, we examine Localbitcoins in depth and offer a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the site to purchase bitcoin. We also consider the benefits and drawbacks, as well as if it is safe. Our Localbitcoins review may be seen below.

Is it safe to use Localbitcoins?

One frequent concern about peer-to-peer platforms is that they are dangerous. The wallet that Localbitcoins provides, as well as the site in general, are all designed to high security standards. Localbitcoins has also been operating for a long time and has built up a dedicated user base during that time, implying that security has been solid for a long time.

Nonetheless, when you purchase bitcoin from other individuals rather than a centralized exchange, the chances of fraudsters and con artists becoming involved are higher. To make transactions safe and secure, Localbitcoins has a variety of measures in place.

To begin, they utilize an escrow system, which means that when you start a sale, Localbitcoins puts the cryptocurrency into safe escrow. This implies neither the seller nor the buyer can access it right away. Once the seller verifies that they have received payment, the funds are released from escrow and transferred to the buyer. As a result, sellers are unable to keep money after claiming to have sold them.

Second, if a disagreement arises, the bitcoin stays in escrow, and Localbitcoins intervenes to settle the conflict. They’ll examine evidence from both the seller and the buyer before deciding who’s right and who gets the escrowed Bitcoin.

Finally, Localbitcoins provides a variety of identification verification procedures as well as user feedback systems that enable users to keep track of which vendors and buyers are excellent (or bad). This means you have a lot of data about any people you’re going to interact with, allowing you to make an educated choice.

Despite this, you should exercise care while buying or selling on Localbitcoins, since there are fraudsters in the cryptocurrency industry.

Step-by-Step Instructions For Creating A Localbitcoins Account

Key info:

  • Purchase Bitcoin at some of the lowest rates available.
  • A large number of payment options are available.
  • Buying Bitcoin using a tried, proven, and trustworthy technique.

To begin purchasing cryptocurrency on Localbitcoins, you must first establish an account. To do so, go to the site and click “join up for free,” then provide a username, an email address, and a password.

Use a mix of upper and lower case characters, digits, and wildcards ( “, £,!, etc.) to create a strong password. Additionally, your password must be at least sixteen characters long. To keep your account as safe as possible, make sure the password you pick is unique and not one you’ve used before.

How to create a Localbitcoins account

You will get an email confirmation after you have completed this and accepted the terms and conditions. Your account will be created after you’ve completed this step. Login guard is also activated once you confirm your email address. This implies that if a new device tries to log in to your account, it won’t be able to do so until you click a link provided to you through email. This adds an extra degree of protection, but if you find it bothersome, you can disable it in your account settings.

Securing Localbitcoins account

Creating a Two-Factor Authentication System (2FA)

Totalcrypto highly advises that you set up two-factor authentication (2FA) before purchasing cryptocurrency to provide an additional degree of protection to your account. First, choose account security from the account drop-down box in the upper right. It will claim that your existing Account security is poor if you don’t activate 2FA.

How to setup 2FA on Localbitcoins account?

You may now activate 2FA after you’ve gone to the account security page. Localbitcoin offers two types of two-factor authentication: mobile app-based 2FA and paper-based 2FA.

  • A QR code and Google Authenticator are used in the mobile approach (available on Android, iOS, and Windows). With this approach, you’ll be asked to use Google Authenticator to input an authentication code each time you log in. This is unquestionably the easier choice if you have access to a smartphone.
  • Alternatively, you may utilize the paper technique. When you use this technique, a code table of 90 authentication codes is produced. You should print this and store it somewhere secure, since you will be asked to enter one of these codes each time you log in. This means your paper set will be complete after 90 logins, and you will need to reactivate 2FA and print the freshly produced code table. NB: These codes should not be saved on your computer; instead, print them off and keep them safe. You face the danger of hackers gaining access to them if they are on your computer.

Two factor authentication on Localbitcoins

How To Purchase Cryptocurrency On Localbitcoins – A Step-By-Step Guide

You’re ready to purchase bitcoins after you’ve set up your account. To begin, go to the “Buy Bitcoins” area, which is located on the top left of the main header. The marketplace appears when you click this. You may use the search box to look for a particular deal, or just scroll down to see what’s available.  

How to buy on Localbitcoins

As previously said, there are a variety of methods to purchase bitcoin on Localbitcoins. I’ll go through two of the most popular methods: bank transfer and in-person purchase. Many other payment ways work in a similar way, although with a different transaction at the end, so these instructions will be helpful even if you intend to use a different payment method.

Choosing a Seller

But first, let’s have a look at how you may choose a seller for any kind of bitcoin transaction. This is critical because, as a decentralized exchange, LocalBitcoins draws a higher number of fraudsters. As I previously said, Localbitcoins has a lot of mechanisms in place to assist safeguard you as a buyer, but it is still critical that you take the time to review a buyer’s profile before proceeding with a transaction.

A list of vendors may be seen on the marketplace screen. Along with their name, a variety of information about the vendors is displayed:

  • The total number of deals they’ve completed. You should aim for a high number here since you’ll know the customer has been using the service for a long time and their reputation will be more reliable.   
  • A percentage rating based on how other users have evaluated their transactions. You should aim for something in the upper 90s with this. In reality, many vendors have perfect ratings, so you don’t always have to settle for less.
  • A colored dot that indicates how long it takes them on average to reply to inquiries. A green dot indicates that vendors respond within a few minutes, a yellow dot indicates that they respond in around half an hour, and a grey dot indicates that you may have to wait more than half an hour for a response.    

Example of Localbitcoins sellers

When you click on a seller’s name, you’ll get a more comprehensive look of their data, including how long they’ve been on the site and a variety of other information. It’s a good idea to check over these comprehensive data before deciding whether or not to purchase from a certain vendor, as they may help you figure out whether or not they’re trustworthy and genuine.

Seller information on Localbitcoins

This in-depth analysis of a user should provide you with a more complete picture of a customer. Ideally, you want to search for individuals who have been using the site for a long time and have completed a range of verification procedures. You may be more sure that you’re dealing with the person you believe you’re dealing with this manner. It’s also important double-checking that they’ve performed a large number of transactions with various individuals, since this indicates that the good feedback came from a larger group of people.  

Purchasing using a Bank Transfer

Buying bitcoin using a bank transfer enables you to do it from the comfort of your own home. LocalBitcoins’ built-in escrow mechanism and dispute resolution service make the transaction extremely easy and safe (see below for a more in-depth discussion of this).

First, in the Quick Buy box, choose ‘national bank transfer’ from the dropdown menu, then enter the amount of GBP you want to spend on Bitcoin and click search. This will give you a breakdown of each seller who has a matching offer.

How to buy on Localbitcoins with bank transfer

Alternatively, you may just look through current offers from current sellers to get a good bargain.  

Searching for Bitcoin sellers on Localbitcoins

Different vendors will have different requirements of you before they will sell to you — for example, many merchants who accept bank transfers would need you to verify your actual identity on your account.

You may click the purchase button after you’ve found a vendor you like the look of. You provide the amount you want to purchase, as well as a note to the seller if you want, and then submit your trade request. This informs the vendor that you are interested in the item and how much you are willing to pay for it. It’s critical that you can pay after you’ve submitted this request; by clicking, you’re consenting to the sale, so be prepared to pay.

After you’ve sent the trade request, you’ll want to go ahead and pay for it. We’re talking about a bank transfer in this instance, so go to your banking app and make the money to the seller’s address. You will be told precisely what to put in as a reference code; double-check it before proceeding with the payment.

You may click the blue button that reads “I have paid” after the money has been made. This informs the vendor that the money has been received. Following that, the seller will verify your payment, and if they are happy, your bitcoin will be released from escrow and sent to your wallet.

Cash Purchases  

The fundamental process for purchasing bitcoin with cash in person is the same. You begin by negotiating with the seller and arranging a meeting location and time. If you’re doing this, make sure you’re comfortable with the location – it should be someplace public, and it may be a good idea to bring someone with you for additional protection (though check with the seller beforehand – you don’t want to surprise them by showing up with company!).

Once you’ve met with the vendor, all that’s left is for them to transfer the Bitcoin and you to give over the cash. Because you can see the vendor and speak through the transactions, it may actually seem more safe.

Even yet, for others, the prospect of meeting and exchanging conventional money for Bitcoin may be intimidating. However, it could not be much easier.

Methods of Payment Accepted

Accepted payment methods

Localbitcoins, as previously stated, accepts a variety of payment options. Localbitcoins displays around 45 different forms of payment that merchants accept at the time of writing! These are divided into five categories:

  • Western Union and other foreign providers are included in bank transfers.
  • Cash, either in person or by mail.
  • Gift cards are popular, especially Amazon and Steam gift vouchers.
  • PayPal, Pingit, and Paym are examples of online payment services.
  • Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum are presently available as altcoins.

LocalBitcoins, in essence, provides one of the most extensive sets of transaction types available in the bitcoin industry. This makes them a fantastic option if you need to purchase bitcoin in a non-traditional manner.

Fees for LocalBitcoins

The good news is that utilizing Localbitcoins’ services is completely free. If you transfer bitcoins from the Localbitcoin wallet to another bitcoin wallet, you will be charged a network fee. When you transfer bitcoin between Localbitcoin wallets, you’ll also be charged a fee. That fee is now 0.00005BTC at the time of writing.

If you’re a seller seeking for additional visibility, you may establish ads for a fee of 1% of each completed transaction.  

Advantages and disadvantages

Localbitcoins logo

When opposed to buying via exchanges, one major advantage is that the rivalry between vendors keeps prices low. Many vendors will offer BTC at a lower price than the market rate, allowing you to get great crypto bargains.

As an example, I could buy 1 BTC on Coinbase for £2,930 at the time of writing this article, but there were sellers on Localbitcoins offering bitcoins for less than £2,500.

Localbitcoins has a large user base and has been around for a long time. This implies it has a higher number of vendors and buyers than other bitcoin peer-to-peer services. It also has a solid reputation since it has been around the crypto industry for a long time. Its durability demonstrates that the method they use is effective: it has been tried, tested, and trusted.

One disadvantage of Localbitcoin’s youth is that its user interface may not be as polished as other options on the market. However, this is mostly an aesthetic critique; everything on the site functions fast and well.   

Even yet, the idea that transactions are conducted directly between individuals rather than via a central exchange may be off-putting to some. Despite the fact that the site takes many precautions to guarantee its security, the chance of getting scammed is still greater than utilizing a well-known centralized exchange. As a result, some may believe it is excessively dangerous, particularly when buying a significant quantity of cryptocurrency.

Finally, the fact that you can only purchase bitcoin is a major disadvantage. Although cryptocurrencies may be used to purchase BTC, there is no official way to purchase altcoins. Some vendors may provide transfers of other cryptos, however this is not recommended since it takes occur outside of the Localbitcoins escrow system. Localbitcoins is definitely not a one-stop shop if you’re seeking to invest in cryptocurrencies. Still, you can purchase bitcoin here (typically at a good price) and then use that BTC to trade for other cryptocurrencies on other exchanges.


If you want to buy or sell bitcoin and have a variety of transaction alternatives, Localbitcoins is the place to go. Localbitcoins is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking to purchase or sell bitcoins for cash. It’s quick, safe, and simple to use. However, the peer-to-peer aspect of Localbitcoins may turn off some users since it lacks the slickness of larger controlled exchanges. But again, that’s sort of the idea of Localbitcoins: it puts the ability to purchase and sell Bitcoin in your hands while also giving you a lot of flexibility.    


DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform that allows users to trade with each other in person. It’s also an easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The localbitcoins.com uk is a review of the platform, which includes pros and cons of using it as well as how safe it is for use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LocalBitcoins safe to use?

Yes, LocalBitcoins is a trusted site.

Can you get scammed on LocalBitcoins?

Yes, you can get scammed on LocalBitcoins.

Is LocalBitcoins hacked?

No. LocalBitcoins is not hacked.

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