The 1xBet brand is an international company offering bettors favorable conditions for betting. The company boasts a convenient website, fast registration, prompt support service, and a large number of supported payment systems through which you can replenish your game account and cash out your winnings. Go to to create an account here and evaluate all the advantages of your own experience.

There are mostly positive feedbacks about the company, and tens of thousands of current customers do not even intend to change it for other gaming platforms, giving preference to a brand with a proven reputation.

The betting operator’s website presents a large number of options for outcomes that depend on the sports discipline. Cricket predictions can also be quite diverse. The most popular ones include:

  1. Main outcome. It is considered the most popular and is available on all sports betting without any exceptions. The essence of the main outcome is very simple – it is required to guess the winner of the match, championship, etc.
  2. Total. This outcome involves guessing the number of goals and points in the match. More precisely, the bettor makes his predictions, taking into account whether the team/teams will score more than a certain bar or less. Everything is very simple. For example, according to statistical data, the teams should score about 3-4 goals in the match. Therefore, it is required to choose a total of more than 2.5 and make a prediction. If the teams score 3 or more goals – the bet is played, less – lost. Totals can be not only on the number of points but also, for example, the number of rounds, yellow cards, fouls, penalties, etc.
  1. Handicap. Handicap is a bet on the advantage of one team over another. For example, if the favorite plays, it will probably win with a big score. The odds of his victory are not high, and it is more rational to place a bet on him, such as handicap (-1,5). It means that the favorite must win with a score difference of at least two goals.

The bookmaker also offers many individual totals and handicaps, bets on statistical indicators, etc.

Not only the quality of the predictions themselves but also the type of bet influences the possibility of winning from sports betting.

The Features of Betting at 1xBet

The simplest and most straightforward betting option is a single bet. It assumes that a bet will be made on one outcome, and its variant is not limited. It can be a bet on the victory of the cricket team or soccer, the number of fouls in hockey, etc. The profit in 1xBet is calculated by multiplying the sum of the bet by the odds of the outcome.


All you need to do to make a prediction is to go to your personal cabinet, replenish your account, select any sporting event, and add the outcome to the coupon. Then, you just need to specify the amount and press the confirmation button. The result of the selected event can be viewed in the “History of bets” section. Each of them is included here. There is also an opportunity to see the statistics of predictions for a certain period, for example, a week or a month.

Combined bets or expressions assume the inclusion of several outcomes from different matches within one bet. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by all the odds, which allows you to get a very big win.

Express bets are also accepted. Everything here is as simple as with single bets; you need to open several matches and add your favorite outcomes to the coupon, specify the bet amount, and press the confirm button. The advantage of combined predictions is the possibility of getting a large win for one bet, and the disadvantage is that losing one outcome entails the loss of the entire bet. The bookmaker allows using up to 10 events simultaneously within one coupon.

The system is a combination of all possible expressions within a certain coupon. For example, the 2 out of 4 type assumes that 8 different expresses will be formed from all the events in the coupon. The final winnings depend on the number of outcomes guessed. The system is more reliable than the express, but the winnings are slightly less.