Cider Security, a cyber security company, recently launched its application security platform aimed at helping companies of all sizes and in any sector to protect their applications from threats.

This platform allows companies to detect and protect their applications from the widest range of vulnerabilities, from SQL injections to cross-site scripting and more.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the features and benefits of this platform.

Overview of Cider Security’s application security platform

Cider Security’s application security platform helps organisations integrate application security into the entire secure software development lifecycle. Labelling and classifying components boosts the accuracy and velocity of testing, scanning, and remediation with automated analysis to detect vulnerabilities.

The platform consists of a Software Composition Analysis (SCA) engine and a source code analysis gateway to identify an organisation’s Full Stack Status – open source components utilised in an application, ensuring they meet policy requirements. The SCA engine discovers open source libraries in the client-side code, identifies all layers of vulnerabilities from malicious Mobile and Desktop applications programming interfaces to malicious web application files; thereby optimising static, dynamic, interactive and manual scans to detect risk quickly.

The Source Code Analysis Gateway verifies that each vulnerability is present, tracks remediation progress over time, issues reports for all personnel involved in the process (e.g., developers & security), provides easy integration into agile development workflow environments such as Jenkins CI/CD pipelines; helping organisations accelerate deployment cycles without compromise on security. In addition, the robust performance analytics discovers intrusion trends – from cross-site scripting (XSS) to command injection attacks – while delivering precise insights on underlying technologies that require urgent patching or maintenance.

Benefits of the platform

Cider Security is an application security platform designed to help developers secure their applications and ensure customer data remains safe and secure. Our platform utilises advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to identify vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), directory traversal and more.

Cider Security ensures that your applications are easily secured, ensuring all security protocols are in place. With our platform, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Automated Vulnerability Detection: Cider Security’s AI technology quickly scans applications for vulnerabilities and alerts developers when a threat is detected. This helps ensure that any potential issues can be addressed or resolved promptly.
  • High Level of Code Coverage: Cider Security’s application security platform scans code comprehensively to accurately picture any potential software risks in your environment.
  • Seamless Integration: Our platform can be integrated easily with your existing infrastructure, allowing you to quickly deploy the security measures necessary for your business.
  • Secure Infrastructure: Cider Security’s hardened architecture provides end to end protection which helps guarantee maximum security for your customer data and reduces the risk of data breaches or other malicious attacks on your systems.

Cider Security launches application security platform

Cider Security, a leading provider of application security solutions, has recently launched a comprehensive application security platform, designed to equip organisations with enhanced security capabilities.

This platform has many features, including threat detection, application, and virtual patching.

In this article, we explore the features of Cider Security’s application security platform in detail.

Automated vulnerability scanning

Cider Security’s automated vulnerability scanning solution is designed to detect, report and help you fix potential application security vulnerabilities. This can help organisations achieve and maintain secure data infrastructure and compliance with industry regulations. The automated scanning capability of Cider Security helps identify common application security flaws, including injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQLi and OS command injection.

Once identified, the platform provides a detailed analysis of the issue and recommendations for remediation. Plus, a helpful prioritisation feature allows users to focus on fixing vulnerabilities with the highest criticality first. All reports can be exported in HTML or PDF format for further review within your organisation’s regular patching processes.

The platform also features an interactive dashboard that provides insight into the health of your applications by displaying metrics on patching efficiency and breakdowns of detected threats by type, severity level and location. In addition, users can automatically run predetermined checks at predetermined intervals or initiate manual scans on demand – enabling teams to proactively manage their security posture no matter their size or complexity.

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Runtime protection

Cider Security’s application security platform provides runtime protection from cyber-attacks. Runtime protection ensures applications run securely and does not require changes to existing configuration or code for applications under protection. The system continuously discovers, assesses and adapts measures across multiple layers of attack defence, including input validation, output encoding, access control and more.

All relevant user requests are monitored at runtime to detect malicious intent through an advanced signal analytics engine while providing safe access to valuable business assets. Advanced machine learning algorithms analyse user behaviour and transactions to identify anomalous behaviours that could indicate a security risk. Once identified, the system immediately responds with prevention mechanisms such as blocking suspicious requests and alerting the appropriate resource of potential issues.

Cider Security’s platform works with application programs at various levels – web application layer; mobile device apps; desktop apps; client/server process layer; database applications and more – providing comprehensive coverage across all platforms for a secure all-time experience for users who interact with your organisation’s digital assets.

Security policy enforcement

Security policy enforcement is one of the key features offered by Cider Security’s application security platform. It allows businesses to easily manage and enforce policies that help secure company data and prevent unauthorised access while maintaining data privacy. With this feature, businesses can define permissions, roles, groups, and user access controls so that only authorised users can access the proper confidential information.

The feature also enables companies to monitor and track each user’s activity on the platform, ensuring no malicious activities occur. In addition, companies can create custom security policies according to their individual needs, ensuring all employees comply with organisational standards for protecting sensitive data. On top of this, companies can receive automated alerts whenever a policy violation occurs. This way they can be proactive in preventing any breaches from occurring before they cause any damage.

Cider Security’s application security platform makes it easy for companies to secure their confidential data in an environment where transparency is highly valued. In addition, through its robust enforcement of security policies, businesses can be assured that their information is safe from unauthorised third-party access or misuse.


Cider Security has recently launched its application security platform to help users protect their applications from malicious threats. This platform is based on a comprehensive architecture which provides users with comprehensive features such as vulnerability scanning, automated protections, and manual verifications.

Let’s take a closer look at the application security platform’s architecture and examine its features.

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Cloud-native architecture

Cider Security utilises a modern, cloud-native architecture focusing on scalability and efficient resource utilisation. This approach allows the security platform to provide a fast yet secure service while keeping costs low, even in environments where an unpredictable workload or spikes in request load are common.

At its core, Cider Security utilises containers orchestrated by Kubernetes to segment workloads and services. This approach allows for additional scalability and fault tolerance should any interruption occur in one of the independent services. The containerized architecture also helps reduce overhead cost by allocating only the required resources for each service, reducing wastage from unused compute power or capacity.

On top of this architecture sits the various components that comprise the product offering from Cider Security; from scanning applications and APIs to runtime protection and behaviour monitoring, all powered by machine learning models constantly learning and adapting to changing patterns in application behaviour. All these components work together seamlessly as part of a high performance and reliable whole package.

Multi-layer protection

Cider Security’s application security platform utilises a multi-layer approach to protect software systems from cyber threats. This method looks at the application architecture and protects at the application itself, as well as any cloud environments associated with it. Our architecture focuses on 4 key protection areas that help secure an entire environment.

Application Security: This layer of security protects the code from malicious attacks and secure coding patterns are enforced through static code analysis and penetration testing. We also ensure that secure APIs, such as logging in or making online payments, are used whenever possible.

Database Security: Our platform ensures that your databases remain protected from outside attackers or malicious actors by controlling which users and processes can access crucial information from them. We use advanced rules to quickly monitor usage to detect suspicious activity and alert our teams for action.

Infrastructure Security: Cider Security protects against threats through firewalls, antivirus software, virtual private networks and other tools designed to keep devices safe across all your systems.

Cloud Security: Cloud technology is increasingly used to host applications at scale. Our platform provides a secure configuration that meets industry standards while enabling scalability and cost savings when using cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Scalable and extensible

Cider Security provides a platform that combines powerful, intelligent technologies for assessing and monitoring the entire application stack. This platform allows you to build a highly scalable, extensible security assessment and monitoring system that can easily adapt to your environment and process changes. From initial deployment through ongoing maintenance, Cider Security’s architecture is designed to make security simple, smart, and secure.

To ensure scalability without compromising flexibility or performance, Cider Security incorporates several strategies:

– Service-oriented architecture: Its architecture is designed as a series of distributed services that work together to protect your application stack. This modular approach facilitates upgrades and customization so you can choose the right features for your needs.

– Distributed systems: To maintain maximum performance and uptime while expanding into diverse environments, Cider Security’s system components are spread across different machines in geographically diverse locations.

– Containerization: By running isolated applications in their containers rather than directly on the host environment (VM), Cider Security can better control resources used by applications and prioritise critical tasks.

– Layer 7 attack detection: Besides traditional layer 3/4 network attack protection methods like IP blocking or rate limiting, our system includes signature engines which detect malicious attacks at layer 7 (HTTP/HTTPS). This helps you detect attacks from cleverly disguised malicious traffic before it reaches your service endpoints or end users.


Cider Security has recently launched a new application security platform, offering several features to help developers build and maintain secure applications. As part of their platform, they offer integration capabilities to connect their application security platform to other ecosystems and tools.

In this article, we’ll explore the integration capabilities of the Cider Security platform in-depth, and look at how developers can benefit from them.

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Integration with DevOps tools

Integration with DevOps tools is a fundamental aspect of any application security platform. Cider Security’s platform offers seamless integration with multiple DevOps tools to ensure optimal security coverage and help reduce development time.

The DevOps-focused integration capabilities of Cider Security allow teams to quickly incorporate security into their existing CI/CD pipelines. In addition, these integrations provide powerful, automated analysis of code that goes far beyond the manual code review process, transforming how organisations think about application security.

Using popular solutions such as Jenkins, TeamCity, and Bamboo, developers can run scans on source code during various stages of their deployment lifecycle. The data generated from these scans is then fed back into Cider Security for detailed analysis, leading to improved threat-hunting capabilities and early detection and prevention of exploits. In addition, automated vulnerability reporting provides a straightforward way to ensure optimal application security coverage is always maintained without sacrificing performance or speed.

Cider Security’s API-based integrations also unlock access to more sophisticated analytics by allowing organisations to adopt more specialised application security solutions and synchronise them with their existing DevOps workflow easily and securely. In addition, these API integrations empower businesses to further fine tune results from scans based on custom preferences, customising their security data for deeper insights into their applications and better strategic planning for the future.

Integration with CI/CD pipelines

Cider Security’s application security platform integrates with software development pipelines, allowing teams to achieve greater automation and fast feedback loops for security testing. Cider Security helps developers bridge the gap between CI/CD processes and secure framework implementation. In addition, cider Security supports teams with an integrated, automated approach to continuously monitor applications, ensuring that any changes made are secure before release.

The integration features of Cider Security provide organisations with various benefits, such as the ability to accurately track software development processes and measure the consistency of codebase quality over time. In addition, teams can detect vulnerabilities quickly and avoid costly code defects before release. Teams can also use Cider Security’s advanced reporting capabilities to gain insight into automation progress and the corrective measures taken.

Integration between Cider Security and a CI/CD pipeline requires setting up a connection between the two systems, enabling services such as scheduled scans, setting out security checks at each stage of deployment, and publishing findings as artefacts in source control management systems etc. With this integrated pipeline setup in place, developers can reap several advantages – increased predictability of delivery times through automated testing; improved collaboration between engineering and security teams; faster detection of issues during development phase; automation-enabled proactive security analysis; product visibility through continuous feedback loops & more.


Cider Security is excited to launch its new application security platform, which provides services and tools for organisations to secure their software.

As part of this launch, Cider Security has released details about the pricing structure for their platform. This section of the article will discuss the various pricing options available for Cider Security’s application security platform.

Pricing models

When choosing a pricing model for application security solutions, several options are available. The best choice will depend on your organisation’s specific needs. Cider Security offers a variety of flexible pricing models, such as subscription-based, pay-as-you-go, and static pricing plans. Our pricing models offer industry leading features and the latest technology to secure your applications.

Subscription-based: In this model, customers pay a fixed fee per month or year for services and features related to the application security platform. As long as the customer is subscribed to the service they have access to all of the features it provides, including any upgrades or new releases that may come out during their subscription period.

Pay-as-you-go: With this model customers purchase credits which they can use towards services or features provided by application security platforms on an as needed basis. This makes pay-as-you go an ideal solution for businesses with variable workloads who want access to services without committing upfront costs for a long term plan.

Static Pricing: This pricing plan requires customers to make an initial purchase and then commit to paying the same amount each period (monthly/yearly) regardless of usage. The benefit of this model is that customers can get consistent usage estimates in advance, making budgeting and management easier . This can be especially beneficial for organisations looking for predictable spending with minimal risk of cost fluctuations over time due to usage spikes or changes in demand.

Free trial and subscription plans

Cider Security provides a free trial to let you evaluate the effectiveness of its application security platform. It requires a credit card but no cost associated with the trial and no commitment. You will have access to all features during the trial period, including notifications and support. At the end of the trial period you may choose a subscription plan that meets your needs.

At Cider Security, we aim to provide premium application security at a reasonable price. We offer monthly and annual subscription plans tailored specifically for individuals, small businesses, and larger organisations. Our simple pricing structure makes it easy for customers to select the plan that best fits their budget and needs.

We understand that application security needs vary widely from organisation to organisation. Therefore, we proudly offer customizable options such as additional support or integration with existing CI/CD pipelines for enterprise subscriptions. With our comprehensive platform, integrated threat intelligence data-source layer, professional round-the-clock support teams, and competitive pricing model; customers can rest assured that their applications are well secured while staying within budget constraints.