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Cornami, a startup that uses quantum cryptography technology to encrypt data, has recently secured $68M in its Series B funding round. The investment, led by Matrix Partners, aims to support the startup’s development of a quantum encryption platform that can offer better encryption than current conventional encryption methods.

Cornami’s technology offers a promising solution in an increasingly digital world and creates an opportunity to be at the forefront of cybersecurity. In this article, let’s dive into the details of Cornami and its quantum encryption technology.

Cornami raises $68M to support quantum encryption

Cornami, a leading quantum encryption company, has recently announced the successful completion of its Series A funding round. Specialising in quantum cryptography-based key generation and distribution methods, the company raised $68 million from investors including Lightspeed Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

This substantial capital injection will propel Cornami’s commercial development of new hardware and software solutions for securing data with military grade encryption key protection. Cornami’s proprietary technology uses Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), offering extremely secure one-time pad encryption keys generated via entangled photons to enable ultra-secure communication between theoretically unhackable distributed clients.

The raised funds will be used to develop sophisticated hardware offerings and advanced software solutions that enable users to securely send data between two geographically distributed points, while allowing them automated access to durable single-use quantum security keys without ever exposing them on the internet or broadcast networks. The company also anticipates working with select partners on custom integration approaches to leverage its cutting edge security solutions across various applications.


Cornami’s quantum encryption technology has recently secured a $68 million Series A funding round, a major milestone for the startup. The funding will be used to develop Cornami’s proprietary quantum encryption solutions and make them commercially available.

In addition, the funding will enable Cornami to expand their team and develop their technology further. Let’s learn more about the details of this funding round.

Cornami’s recent $68M funding round

Cornami, an artificial intelligence security company, recently raised $68M in a Series B funding round to support their quantum encryption technology. This is Cornami’s first venture funding since they began researching and developing quantum computing solutions in 2018. The $68M went to further develop their cutting-edge products and services related to quantum encryption.

Quantum encryption uses advanced mathematical techniques that aim to increase the level of security for data transmission. This carries implications in many industries, such as finance, telecoms, and military use cases. With the help of this funding round, Cornami plans on using their technology to secure different types of data transmission with unparalleled security compared to previously-used methods.

Cornami plans on using the funds for research and development expenditure and personnel recruitment for growing their team of experts in quantum computing technologies like cryptography and blockchain-based solutions. They have identified these areas as important for providing optimal service delivery and operational productivity within their customer base.

Cornami’s founding team believes that having access to such advanced levels of digital data protection can bring greater transparency and trust within organisations worldwide by utilising this revolutionary technology. They are dedicated towards creating more secure standards that can protect data resources at all times while staying compliant with their local privacy guidelines.

How Cornami plans to use the funds

Cornami, the global leader in quantum cryptology, is thrilled to announce that it has raised $68 million for its advanced quantum encryption technology. This is the latest fundraising round the company has secured and shows strong investor confidence in the technology’s potential to revolutionise the data security industry. This round’s funds will primarily be used to expand Cornami’s reach globally and accelerate product development.

Cornami plans to use much of the new funding to build out its international presence by opening more offices worldwide and hiring engineers, sales personnel and other staff. This will help Cornami access new markets faster and sustain a global customer base that meets their specific needs. In addition, part of the funds will go towards researching new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), which are expected to profoundly influence cybersecurity efforts globally over time. Moreover, Cornami plans on using some of these funds for product development efforts to further enhance their already world-class offering with features like hybrid cryptology solutions for increased privacy and scalability.

Ultimately, Cornami’s goal is to secure data encryption and provide an easy-to-use solution that can scale from small businesses up to large enterprises with an ecosystem that connects various elements within an organisation’s IT infrastructure securely. Thanks to this recent acquisition of $68 million in capital, Cornami has taken an important step toward advancing their mission of making data encryption simple yet powerful for all users worldwide.

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Cornami, a tech startup, has recently raised $68 million to support their new quantum encryption technology. This technology promises to provide a secure platform for large businesses and organisations to exchange data.

With the investment, Cornami aims to revolutionise data security and how large organisations manage their data. But, first, let’s dive into the technology behind Cornami’s quantum encryption.

How quantum encryption works

Quantum encryption technology is a secure method of transferring confidential information by converting it into quantum states and transmitting over an unprotected communications channel. This type of encryption relies on the advanced principles of quantum mechanics, involving the manipulation of photons (or particles of light) to encrypt data.

With a quantum key, two users can securely exchange information using a series of photons to encode their secret key. A photon is embedded with spin information, which makes it able to describe different “states” within the system – such as an absolute position or a linear direction. The two users then transmit these photons through an unprotected communication channel – such as the open Internet – to securely exchange encrypted data. Any attempt to intercept or alter those photons will cause them to lose their spin information instantly, rendering them useless before they can reach the user’s hard drive or desktop computer system.

Cornami recently raised $68 million in funding and is now working to commercialise this cutting-edge technology so that organisations and businesses can benefit from its superior security measures. With Cornami’s sophisticated quantum encryption technology, organisations can keep sensitive data and messages private while maintaining integrity across all nodes in a network.

Benefits of quantum encryption

The security benefits of quantum encryption technology have been widely recognized. Modern cryptography approaches use complex algorithms based on mathematical equations to generate a private key. Although this approach is reliable and secure, it can be susceptible to interception, revealing the secret key used for the data protection. Quantum encryption can potentially eliminate this type of security risk by using a technique known as entanglement.

Entanglement is a phenomenon where multiple particles located in different locations can become linked together by sharing certain properties. Through this technique, two parties can send and receive information without revealing their keys and thus protect the confidentiality of data throughout transmission. Quantum encryption also provides stronger authentication methods than traditional cryptography and can help ensure authorization before data transactions occur.

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In theory, quantum encryption offers a much higher level of security than traditional approaches; however there are still potential challenges associated with scaling up quantum technology in production environments over any significant distance due to its power requirements and fragility of the entangled states. Despite these challenges, Cornami has secured $68M investment for its quantum encryption technology suggesting that venture capitalists believe in its potential for providing greater cybersecurity solutions than today.


Cornami’s quantum encryption technology has been gaining momentum in recent years due to its ability to protect confidential data. The applications of Cornami’s technology range from banking, healthcare, and data centres to more sensitive areas such as government communication and military operations.

Let’s explore how this technology can be applied in different scenarios.

Potential applications of Cornami’s technology

Cornami’s quantum encryption technology has many potential applications across various fields and industries. The company has raised $68M to expand its activities and develop new products related to their technology.

Quantum encryption is essential for developing distributed systems, quantum key distribution (QKD), quantum computing, and ultimate security-enabled networks. Cornami’s technology can be used in government networks, financial institutions, and industrial IoT systems, where high security is a priority.

Apart from secure networks, the technology can also be applied for secured communication and networking tools such as secure email solutions, VPNs, DDoS protection solutions, data recovery solutions, digital signature solutions. In addition, it can also be used for biometric authentication systems such as face recognition and voice recognition technologies that help users to securely access their devices without needing any physical keys or card access techniques.

With the help of quantum encryption technology businesses can also deploy improved identity verification solutions to protect users’ credentials from being stolen by cybercriminals or other malicious actors. Additionally, this technology has the potential to revolutionise distributed storage systems which could enable companies to store data in a decentralised manner with enhanced security measures on any device or platform using the blockchain technology or distributed ledgers like those found in cryptocurrency markets today.

How Cornami’s technology could revolutionise security

Cornami’s quantum encryption technology can potentially revolutionise the security of communication and computing systems. Building on existing traditional encryption capabilities, Cornami’s quantum key generation enables a higher level of data and information security by using entangled particles at the quantum level. This allows faster, more secure data transmission and protects against hackers and malicious actors.

Cornami’s application-driven approach to encryption is one of the reasons they have been awarded $68M in funding, as investors see this new technology as having far-reaching implications in security practices across business, government, finance, healthcare, military and defence sectors. Unlike many existing approaches focused solely on creating powerful mathematical algorithms to encrypt data, Cornami has taken an innovative turn by utilising a scalable platform powered by entangled photons on top of a distributed infrastructure to help ensure secure transmission of confidential information.

This distribution system further strengthens its capabilities for strong encryption for online transactions and communication networks due to its ability to generate multi-faceted keys between two or more parties simultaneously from their global locations securely. Furthermore, the complete integrity of the message stream is maintained throughout its path over multiple nodes through specific confirmation procedures which must be fulfilled before authentication is granted.

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In conclusion, Cornami’s quantum encryption technology can provide an unprecedented level of security that has not been possible before now with traditional methods. Furthermore, by offering both privacy and speed in transmitting highly sensitive information without sacrificing quality or strength of protection affiliates while also ensuring cost efficiency at scale, this revolutionary approach has great potential as a value-added solution in providing secure communication solutions now and into the future.

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