Today, most casino domains accept crypto currency as payment. Among them, how many of them can you deposit crypto with CoinsPaid? The answer is quite a few. Indeed, this is a payment processing platform that processes Bitcoin primarily. It also acts as a crypto wallet for different businesses. With many crypto wallets out there, we take a look at what makes CoinsPaid stand out.

About CoinsPaid

This platform acts as a crypto financial ecosystem. It was founded in the year 2014. It is registered under an Estonian venture, Dream Finance OU. Since then, it has acted as a crypto wallet and a hot wallet network for businesses. Hence, for casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, this wallet is often a common feature. It allows customers to create accounts and make payments using cryptocurrencies. The wallet allows users to store and exchange different crypto currencies besides Bitcoin.

The company has special tie-ups to make all cryptocurrency-related transactions smooth. For instance, it has tie-ups with Soft Swiss. It is an iGaming provider for solutions across Europe. With it, the company has set up a system of crypto payment processing. Indeed, Soft Swiss helped CoinsPaid process Bitcoins primarily. It was when it started operations. At such a time, crypto-friendly casino sites were few.

The company launched its services for individual customers in 2019. That was when it enabled users to make crypto payments without any fee. The product is now known as a crypto wallet that supports multiple currencies. One can send payments to several crypto wallets from their CoinsPaid account. They can also sell, buy, and exchange 50 or more cryptocurrencies. It is possible through the built-in exchange that the platform has. The company is also planning to launch a CoinsPaid card soon. By 2021 the company has processed transactions over 5.5 billion EUR. Their team has also grown considerably. Today, the company has over 125 employees.

Steps to Set up an Account on CoinsPaid

Even if one is new to CoinsPaid, he or she can easily set up an account here:

  • A new customer can start by visiting the official website of the company.
  • They will find the button to sign up for an account.
  • It provides them the option to sign up for a personal or a business account.
  • It is also possible to sign up using the wallet app; it is available on Apple as well as on the Google Play store.
  • A new customer needs to complete registration by entering their country of residence; they also need to enter their email address.
  • Once the email address is validated, the customer needs to create a password for their account.
  • After that, one needs to agree to the privacy and other terms and conditions.

The wallet follows a two-step verification process. Hence, all new users must confirm their identity using Google Authenticator on their mobile devices. After that, he or she needs to provide proof of their age and their residence.

Once an account is created, a customer can proceed to top up the same. It is possible to use different conventional payment options to buy and add cryptocurrencies to one’s account. After that, customers can sell and exchange these currencies using their CoinsPaid account.

How to Make Payments Using CoinsPaid at Casino Sites?

Most casinos accept this crypto wallet as a payment option these days. Hence, customers who have accounts on this platform can choose such casinos to sign up. It also ensures that their payments will go through securely. As with any crypto wallet, CoinsPaid ensures anonymity and security for all transactions.

To make deposits using CoinsPaid, one needs to do the following:

  • After one registers an account on such a casino site, they can choose CoinsPaid as the payment option.
  • This is shown in the banking section of one’s account; here, the customer needs to choose CoinsPaid as the crypto wallet of choice.
  • The crypto address of the casino is displayed here; one needs to copy or scan the code provided.
  • After that, the customer needs to enter the amount they wish to deposit.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, it takes place instantly.

Hence, one is then ready to wager cryptocurrencies on their favourite games.

Other online casinos allow withdrawal with the same crypto wallet. Hence, a customer needs to choose the wallet as the account where they want their money deposited.

Transaction Fees and Others

In general, this platform usually does not charge fees on casino payments. Hence, customers find all their payments processed without any fees charged. The platform does charge businesses a processing fee for transactions. However, that is about 1% or less.