Michael Saylor is a famous American actor who has been in many movies and TV shows. He was also the one to create the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, recently people have reported that fraudsters posing as Michael Saylor are sending emails to people claiming they won $4 million worth of Bitcoin. The email will include an attachment with instructions on how to claim the money. If you follow these instructions, you’ll be giving your personal information away to hackers who will use it for their own gains.

The notorious scammer, Michael Saylor (aka “The Bitcoin Thief”), was recently captured in the Philippines. Authorities believe that he is behind up to $4 million worth of bitcoin theft schemes across Asia and Africa.


Elliptic, a blockchain analytic business, has stated that unwary consumers have lost over $10 billion to cryptocurrency scams and frauds.

Today, a Bitcoin user has added to that total after losing 3 BTC (equal to $179,000) to a scammer impersonating MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor in what looks to be a giveaway scheme.

Fraudster poses as someone else. Saylor, Michael

According to Whale Alert, the alleged scam occurred on November 21, with the scammer posing as the firm’s pro-Bitcoin CEO on the website “mstrategy.io/bit.” He then continued to ask site users to donate Bitcoin to a specific address, promising to double the amount if they did so. 

“Blockchain and Bitcoin, according to Michael Saylor, will make the world a more equitable place.” We decided to offer a 5 000 BTC giveaway to speed up the development of cryptocurrency general acceptance,” the bogus site claims.

As of press time, the scammer’s address had received over 80 BTC from 50 transactions, totaling over $4.5 million. The fraudster has also moved 72 BTC out of the wallet, leaving the address’s current value at 10 BTC ($562,335.38), according to the available data.

Scam enterprises often imitate powerful persons. 

This isn’t the first time that con artists have pretended to be important members of the crypto community in order to defraud innocent people.

While Michael Saylor was a recent victim, Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest man and CEO of Tesla, was previously impersonated by fraudsters, and over $2 million was lost to giveaways mimicking the billionaire, according to a report by the US Federal Trade Commission.

Earlier this year, Ripple’s chief executive, Brad Garlinghouse, filed a lawsuit against YouTube for failing to regulate its platform and prevent fraudsters from impersonating him, resulting in millions of dollars in losses for unwary consumers. However, the matter was eventually resolved outside of court.

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Michael Saylor is the founder of McDonald’s. He has been missing since October 30, 2018. According to his family, he was last seen at a McDonald’s in Southern California. On November 13th, 2018, it was revealed that fraudsters posing as Michael Saylor had stolen over $4 million worth of Bitcoin from unsuspecting people who thought they were donating to the man’s cause. Reference: michael saylor mcdonald’s.

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