You’ve probably read many times in the news about lucky players who have been fortunate enough to rip off jackpot slots and wonder how it happens? There have been several famous giant jackpots, including British Army veteran John Heywood, who won around $18 million by betting just a few cents on the Mega Moolah slot machine.

Contrary to popular belief, slot machine jackpots fall out more often than you think.

But how do jackpot slot machines work? This article will tell you how to increase your chances of catching your luck with just a few spins.

What are Jackpot Slot Machines?

Most slot machines offer fixed winnings during a winning line or a bonus feature. But most players have the opportunity to win huge jackpots that can reach many thousands of hryvnias. There are several types of slots with jackpots.

Progressive Jackpots

A progressive jackpot grows with every wager made, as a percentage of each bet contributes to its total. This continuous growth allows progressive jackpots to reach substantial amounts over time. If the winning combination is not achieved in a round, the jackpot continues to grow and becomes even more enticing for subsequent rounds of the game.

By placing bets on slot machines with a growing jackpot, players contribute to the fund’s growth. As more people participate, the jackpot increases, leading to bigger rewards for winning combinations. Meeting the requirements for the jackpot typically involves placing high stakes, ensuring a potentially lucrative payoff.

Unfortunately, placing the minimum bet will not result in winning big amounts. RedDog Casino’s official website provides opportunities for players to win large jackpots.

How are Progressive Jackpots Calculated?

Regrettably, there are no surefire tactics to increase your chances of winning big. The random number generator operates independently of any specific methods or equations. In instances where a small bet results in hitting the jackpot, the payout is typically less than the total prize pool per the slot rules. Consequently, substantial bets are often necessary to claim the full winnings.

In a casino, a jackpot can be pooled together from all the games available, or it can be specific to just one machine. When the jackpot is tied to a single slot, it may be smaller in size but the likelihood of winning it is greater.

Selecting the appropriate casino is crucial for increasing your chances of winning. By ensuring the casino utilizes licensed software, you are setting yourself up for potential large payouts. Additionally, be mindful of the minimum bet needed to enter the progressive jackpot game, as it can often be steep.


Winning the jackpot depends only on luck. There are no other factors here.

Fixed Jackpots

Some slot machines have static jackpots, which are much larger than the money you win by matching symbols on the lines. You can easily find these slots on casino sites, as the jackpots you can win will be displayed above the reels.

As an example, the fixed jackpot slot machine Divine Fortune, a Greek mythology-themed slot from NetEnt. Also, many players from all over the world have been able to win large sums of money in the 88 Fortunes slot machine from IGT.

How to Hit Jackpots on Slot Machines

If you want to win a jackpot, you need to play find the right slot machine. There are plenty of slots to choose from at RedDog Casino.

Progressive jackpots can usually be won no matter what size bet you place. But with fixed jackpot games, the more you are willing to bet, the higher the potential jackpot available. The best slots with jackpots, are the fixed ones that pay out more often. They may not be the biggest, but they are very frequent.

If you don’t know how a slot machine with a jackpot works, it is recommended that you play it in free mode first to understand what to do before placing real bets.

How Do I Know When a Jackpot is Being Played in Slot Machines?

If you had a crystal ball and could predict when the jackpot draw would occur, you’d be winning millions of dollars every week!

In reality, jackpot draws are completely random. The fact that a slot hasn’t produced a win for months doesn’t mean that it’s about to produce a big win. And just because a jackpot was won last week doesn’t mean another one is just around the corner.

Five facts About Progressive Jackpots

Fact #1. It’s All About Luck

As with any online slot, progressive jackpots are entirely dependent on luck. No amount of skill or planning will help you make a winning guaranteed leap. The only way to become a winner is to bet and spin the reels as often as possible.

Tip: Make the most of slots that include bonus games and free spins for even more chances to win the top prize.

Fact #2. Progressive Jackpots Come in a Variety of Formats and Amounts

There is no single formula for what a progressive jackpot should look like. You will find progressive jackpots in slots from different casino software manufacturers with different themes and colour palettes.

Fact #3. The More you Play, The More You Win

Progressive slots grow jackpots by taking a small percentage of every bet placed on a particular game and putting it into a pool. The more you play a particular slot and help the jackpot grow, the more chances you have of winning.

Fact #4. Network-based Progressive Jackpots are the Best Opportunity to Win Big

If you’re chasing the opportunity to rip off a really big sum of money, pay attention to progressive networks. After all, there are thousands of people betting on such networks, which can result in a jackpot of even a million.


Remember that if you play on a progressive network, you are battling thousands of other players. Slot machines can produce impressive results, but they also reduce your chances of winning because of the large number of players claiming the top prize.

Fact #5. The Bigger Your Bet, The Better Your Chances of Winning

It is important to remember that the more you bet, the more likely it is that the jackpot will be activated. This does not mean that you have to bet exceptionally large amounts to win. There are many cases where players have won millions by placing small bets.

Progressive jackpot is the dream of many gamblers. Colossal prizes always arouse interest. But, nevertheless, it is always worth remembering the risks. Careful attitude is the key to success. The main thing to control yourself, because gambling can have both positive and negative outcome, which entails a lot of problems.