Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square has been showing off a new development kit that he says will allow people to build Bitcoin Lightning Network apps. The demonstration is just one in what could be a series for Jack who seems determined to make cryptocurrency mainstream despite growing skepticism among many other tech personalities.

The Lightning Network is the first layer of scaling blockchain technology, and developers are working hard to make it possible. Jack Dorsey has released a public demo that showcases how this software can be used in creating interactive games on Bitcoin’s network while also showcasing some of its capabilities.

The “bitcoin lightning network” is a new concept that was created by Jack Dorsey. The idea behind it is that Bitcoin will be able to scale up without having to wait for the next block.



The crypto arm of Square (now Block), which was recently renamed, has displayed its Lightning Development Kit (LDK), which promises to boost the Bitcoin network. 

On December 7, a team from Jack Dorsey’s Spiral released a video demonstrating Bitcoin Lightning and the Lightning Development Kit’s capabilities (LDK).

LDK was created to enable developers to connect their apps to the network on mobile devices and point-of-sale terminals in a seamless manner. 

LDK supports native APIs written in Rust, C, Swift, Java, and Kotlin. This allows developers to personalize their wallet software in the language of their choosing for their customers, as well as eliminate the need for separate Bitcoin and LN wallets.

The LDK is a tool that “makes it simple for any developer in the world to design a wallet,” according to Twitter’s former CEO in the video.

We prepared a short video on the Lightning Development Kit, which has been our main effort for the last several years. We were hoping for a puppet to do @jack’s parts, but we had to settle with real @jack: https://t.co/q6eW4PDuNW

December 6, 2021 — Spiral (@spiralbtc)

The film shows a puppet Jack Dorsey engaging with business employees and owners by using Lightning Network to pay for services (LN). While the film switches to the Spiral team discussing the virtues of Bitcoin and the LN, he uses his mobile LN wallet software to pay for a nose piercing and a movie ticket.

Since its inception in 2019, Spiral, formerly known as Square Crypto, has been producing Bitcoin wallet solutions. Spiral is also working on the Bitcoin Development Kit, which provides cross-platform mobile wallet interactions, in addition to the LDK. 

Spiral project manager Haley Berkoe describes Lightning as a layer two scaling solution for Bitcoin that “turns Bitcoin into a genuine payment system.”

Spiral’s LDK, according to Conor Okus, will promote Bitcoin and the LN acceptance by “offering a method for individuals in various regions of the globe… to hold money and participate in economic activity.”

Congressional candidate seeks to remove anti-crypto legislator Brad Sherman is taking donations via Lightning.

Lightning consumers will benefit from the new product release since network nodes are at all-time highs. According to the most recent data from Bitcoin Visuals, there are 18,905 nodes on the Lightning Network with active channels.

The overall number of nodes has increased by 23% in the previous three months, with 3,534 additional nodes added. According to 1ML, the LN now has a network capacity of 3,285 BTC, or roughly $166 million.

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