After LunarCrush announced their new feature, users on Reddit were quick to praise the idea. The platform is expected to make the player base more active and changing opinions will allow for a better understanding of how players want the game to be.

LunarCrush is a new feature that will reward users for posting opinions. With this, the future of cryptocurrency 2021 looks bright.


LunarCrush OpinionsTM has been launched by LunarCrush, a prominent social analytics tool. The new feature was created to complement the company’s present product and give insight into how the crypto community views the market.

According to the company’s release, this is going to provide investors a whole new perspective on cryptocurrency.

LunarCrush’s crypto social intelligence is going to improve.

Users will be able to provide their thoughts on hot issues, sentiment on their favorite currencies, the worth of certain influencers, and score the veracity of social media articles using the new Opinions tool. LunarCrush predicted that millions of opinions will be shared each day in a Medium article on Monday.

LunarCRUSH OpinionsOpinions of LunarCRUSH

Its social analytics platform already gathers over 2 million social posts every day, which are then evaluated by LunarCrush’s unique machine learning engine for a variety of various features. However, identifying all of that data requires detailed modeling, which necessitates a great deal of input. LunarCrush claims that adding user-generated comments would increase the accuracy of the information the platform gives.

“We’re really pleased to start recording the LunarCrush community’s feelings.” Not only will this bring a useful new dimension to the crypto community, but it will also improve the accuracy of all LunarCrush data,” the business said.

Opinions will not only improve the accuracy of LunarCrush’s statistics, but it will also allow consumers to observe how social sentiment varies throughout the world, influencing the company’s growth trajectory.

“As data is gathered, we’ll provide a variety of visualization and sharing options.” The most interesting aspect of this is that the community will be able to see in real time how different nations and people are feeling about comparable themes.

LunarCrush Opinions is just one of the ways we’re hoping to get community input. We’re focusing on the community guiding LunarCrush’s development as well as giving various tools to assist onboard and educate the crypto community over time.”

The new LunarCrush function will award users 1-3 points for each comment they offer. The business anticipates that users will be able to earn up to 90 points each day and have those points converted to LUNR tokens.



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