PepsiCo, the world’s second-largest food and beverage company by revenue, is set to release a new digital collectible packaged drink called Mic Drop Collection. The product will have a limited run of 100,000 units that can be purchased through PepsiCo’s website or at participating locations.

Coca-Cola has released its first NFTs, titled the “coca-cola nft.” Coca-Cola is a well known beverage company that sells soft drinks. The company is releasing their first NFTs in order to test the market and see if there are any interest from consumers.


Pepsico, the world’s most well-known soft drink company, is the latest in a long line of major corporations to enter the field of NFTs. The Genesis Mic Drop Collection includes 1,893 generative microphones that pay homage to the company’s long history in the music business. 

Mic Drop NFTs fresh on 12/14/21 @ 12:30pm EST, be sure to check for more details and our confirmed OpenSea Page

10 December 2021 — Pepsi (@pepsi)

Pepsi is following in the footsteps of a number of well-known companies, like Budweiser, Nike, and Adidas, by entering the metaverse and participating in the famed crypto community spirit.

The brand has a long history with music, having sponsored the Super Bowl halftime show as well as other collaboration efforts with some of the world’s top singers, such as Calvin Harris, Britney Spears, and Beyonce. It’s no wonder that corporations that value the effect of music, such as Pepsi, would embrace the NFT scene when singers like Snoop Dogg and Timbaland come out in favor of NFTs and drive NFT awareness.

The “Genesis Mic Drop Collection” is Pepsi’s first step into the realm of NFTs, and it will work in the same way as a conventional drop, with a number of algorithmically randomized qualities resulting in a collection of collectibles. The mics will include a variety of features and rarities, similar to previous successful NFT collectable projects. The number of microphones in the drop corresponds to the company’s founding year.  

Each Pepsi NFT collectable pays homage to the company’s illustrious history and represents the tastes that have helped it maintain a loyal customer base for decades. Furthermore, each item is free of charge, with the only cost to the consumer being the cost of petrol.

Each NFT will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain, and its owners will be able to trade the things on third-party markets independently, making it a good brand awareness activity. 

According to Pepsi’s Twitter account, the NFT collection is only accessible to those who have signed up for their waiting list, which began on December 10th. On December 14th at 12:30pm EST, the first 1,893 persons on the list will have the option to mint a Pepsi NFT.



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Coca-Cola is set to drop its first NFTs titled “Mic Drop Collection” on the Ethereum blockchain. The collectibles will be available for purchase in October, with only 1 million of each being made. Reference: coca-cola nft opensea.

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