There was a time when FX investors were considered an elite class of individuals who would allocate a considerable part of their time simply honing their talents, either through some specialized training methods or through any of the several contacts they’re in possession of. But now things seem a bit different. Now, these same investors are just self-taught instead of going to some kind of institution or tutoring to acquire their skills.

But even now, navigating around the sector’s plethora of difficulties can be an arduous endeavor, as some degree of social analytics is needed, one that can factor in expert trading knowledge. However, that does not imply that one has to have those skills or knowledge, as many social trading platforms have begun popping up, introducing never-before-seen social elements to the mix, largely as a result of social media’s influence.

And integrating the best elements of social trading, you have TechBerry, a popular platform known for lowering the issues associated with the complex economics and trading of the industry. How though? by just combining social insights, automation, and FX trading together.

Social Trading and TechBerry

The market insights provided by TechBerry have to do with data that has been gathered from more than 100,000 professional traders! Through this, the virtual footprints that these traders leave behind can go miles ahead of traditional forecasting.

With the inclusion of deep learning algorithms, TechBerry only implements the most valuable trading strategies. And to cement its dependability even more, it has partnered up with several third parties, including the likes of MyFxBook, FX Blue, FX Audit, and more, all of whom have extensively audited its services.

Another indication that displays its reliability can be TechBerry’s very release itself in 2015, as it shows how it has been operating for so long now, all while providing investors with that 11.2% return rate every month. With this, investors may not have to deal with any of the challenges notorious within this sector.

Why Social Analysis is Vital

Social media has brought a nearly endless supply of information from which people can benefit. However, there’s an obvious downside to this, which can include misinformation, scams, fraudulent data, and so much more, eventually leading to some really reckless behavior, even from the professionals, where it can severely hurt their savings and reputations.

What TechBerry Achieves

TechBerry’s solutions to all these dilemmas plaguing many are all rooted in the methodology it has opted for, which integrates AI as well as numerous insights for traders, all of which go miles ahead of what humans are capable of. And due to the insights it offers only belonging to experts, any bias, nuance, or pattern inside the sector can be instantly noted.

One thing that warrants mention is how the success rate, about 90% of it, involving AI-based applications is largely dependent on the data that’s uploaded, which is why TechBerry tasks itself with collecting so much information from several individuals. However, its data collection doesn’t just factor in the good results; the bad is factored in, too, for a more comprehensive analysis, and TechBerry might just be the only platform doing that.

Users can be provided with several passive income opportunities here, and other than that, its membership plans are a good demonstration of the research it has conducted, which severely reduces the requirement for knowledge along with the need to keep track of what’s going on in the market that often.

However, there’s more to TechBerry’s benefits. Its membership plans, for one, are built with investors’ interests in mind. They have thus been split into numerous tiers, such as gold, green, silver, infinite, and more. A lot can vary depending on your tier, but the highest tier would be VIP.

With VIP, the insurance users will get is a whopping 100%, their fees will also be reduced, and they’ll get some exclusive offers, a personal manager, access to an Annual Exclusive Global Event for VIP members, and more. Also, the photos and videos of the last VIP event in 2023 can already be accessed via the TechBerry website.

But TechBerry’s offerings are a lot more than what’s offered to VIPs. For one, it offers AI trading statistics, a demo mode, or a demo account where one can see the investor cabinet, and anyone can use these features. Also, with the demo mode, one’s essentially getting a glimpse of what TechBerry can be without having to invest any funds. Just add in any amount, and you’ll immediately see the gains you’ll get if you actually invest.

Bitcoin ETF Alternative

Cryptocurrencies, such as ETH, BTC, and XRP, have been able to garner the interest of so many individuals and groups, like investors and companies. But Bitcoin still remains at the top.

Due to cryptocurrency’s rising status within the virtual realm, there’s an entire trend around BTC ETFs now, and the discussion has reached several spheres of discussion inside the financial space. Nonetheless, TechBerry has offered an alternative here that won’t disappoint. Its clients can now access several BTC-centric membership plans where deposits and withdrawals can occur seamlessly, all within exchange rates determined the moment transactions have been executed. Also, you have credit cards and bank wires as payment methods.

TechBerry: Pros and Cons

TechBerry’s passive income opportunities are an obvious winner here, as well as how streamlined things can be here, which individuals lacking the time to trade will gladly welcome.


Other advantages include the platform’s potential for growth, and how thoroughly researched its membership plans are. As for the cons, those who prefer a manual approach to FX trading will obviously not like what’s offered here in terms of automation.

TechBerry: A FX Haven

TechBerry’s services have proven to be an impeccable display of reliability and thoughtfulness, enabling it to reach heights that aren’t easily achieved within this sector, which is known for how risky and volatile it can be. A good example of that would have to be its strategies, which showcase the lengths it goes to ensure sustainable returns, which investors would gladly welcome.