Starting a conversation is not just about opening your mouth and uttering the first words that you think you have to say. You have to make sure that all that you speak will generate more conversations between you and the person that you want to talk to. But you have to realize that using your 5g phone and chatting with someone is not that much different than actually talking to people. You speak the same words, and you talk to the same people. What are the ways to start a conversation with someone?

What are the Ways to Start a Conversation with Someone?

Ask for information

One of the best ways to start a conversation with someone is to ask for information. With this style of igniting a talk, you do not have to plan as far back as you want to. This is because you do not have any idea who that someone is. You just ask for information about the person.

To prepare for this, you need to have a list of questions to ask the next person. The typical questions include asking for the person’s name, address, workplace, and family members. You can also ask for the mobile number of his 5g phone. Just by asking for this information, you can now connect with any of these details and begin generating other questions as well.

Give a Compliment

Another way to start a conversation is by giving a compliment. People love hearing good things about them. They become more open to talking to strangers if they hear compliments about what they are doing or about, how they look, or what they wear. You can even talk about someone close to them and pay compliments to them.

You just have to be genuine in giving compliments to people. You cannot just utter random compliments which are not at all true. If you want to talk to a specific person, you can point out something that you noticed about him and say that you appreciate it.

Introduce Yourself

You can also break the ice by introducing yourself. Instead of asking for personal details about the person you want to talk to, you can volunteer your information first. You can mention your name, address, family member’s names, and your work. If you want to go to another topic of conversation, you can also mention it in front of him.

By introducing yourself and sharing your personal information with someone, he will also have an idea of how he can introduce himself. If he also does not know how to start a conversation, it will be a relief to him to know that he can just repeat the same information but different context.

Offer Help

If you see someone struggling or needing help, you can offer your help to him. It is also a good way of introducing yourself as someone who is ready to lend a hand. You can give any assistance that he may need at that very moment.


For some people, it is easy to start a conversation. For others, it can be very difficult. But this does not mean that you just stop any communication with everyone just because it is hard for you to talk and generate a topic out of nothing. It is all about practice. You can begin by using your 5g phone malaysia and make your conversations through phone or chat. And then, you meet face-to-face and talk about your previous topics on your smartphone. Talking is about enjoying each other’s company. May it not be grueling for you to start conversations and develop a heart for talking to people.