With the introduction of Blockchain technology, all industries have changed, especially the gaming industry. Nowadays, there are games where you can own a piece of digital property, such as a skin, character, or in-game item, through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This revolutionizes the entire industry.

In recent years, multiple Metaverse games have been built on a blockchain, allowing people to own NFTs. To the surprise of most of us, there are many different NFT horse racing games, which means this type of game works better on the blockchain than regular horse racing games.

Before we sprint into the specifics, let’s get a grip on what NFT horse racing games are.

Imagine traditional horse racing with digital horses you can own, breed, and race – all encoded as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This means each digital steed is as unique as a snowflake in the Sahara. Exciting, right?

Coolest NFT Horse Racing Games


ZED RUN, a game around the block a few times, stands out as a thoroughbred in this race. It’s not just about racing; it’s an entire ecosystem where you can breed, buy, and sell your digital horses.

ZED RUN is a blockchain-based future horse racing game that allows players to own, sell, breed, and race horses anytime.

Thousands of stable owners compete in over 3,000 live, user-generated races broadcast to millions via streaming media. ZED RUN, developed by Australian entertainment-first start-up Virtually Human Studio (VHS), is one of the most popular Polygon-based NFT games worldwide.

ZED RUN began in early 2018 after Chris Laurent (Co-Founder of VHS) discovered a sign advertising a real-life stallion in the stud for $15,000. He had lately moved to The Hunter Valley, a location recognized for producing some of Australia’s top racehorses. Elite stables like Coolmore, Godolphin, and Arrow Field were just a few minutes along the Golden Highway.


Then there’s Silks – think of it as the ambitious rookie who’s just joined the league. They managed to raise $5 million quickly after its teaser. This game tries to mirror the real world of horse racing.

The Game of Silks metaverse platform allows people to own real-world thoroughbreds via gamified digital collectibles (NFTs) that monitor the horses’ genealogy, physical attributes, growth, and real-time performance. Users may also use the site to pool their resources and split the cost of a horse.

Your digital horse’s performance is tied to a real horse galloping somewhere in the real world. Who knows- your horse could be running in the Kentucky Derby.

To know your horse’s performance in the virtual world, make sure to follow the Kentucky Derby news on the link below: 

It’s like having a Tamagotchi, but instead of a pixelated creature, it’s a horse that can win you real money.


DeRace is a horse racing simulator that offers gamers a realistic racing experience. DeRace’s gameplay is intended to be both tough and easy. The player might assume the position of a horse owner, a bookmaker, or a gambler.

The player can participate in various activities, including aggressive and passive games. Their involvement will decide their profit.

The platform represents several parts of the same industry. It’s not only about the horses. Horse owners can own, breed, and trade horses and participate in horse races.

Hippodromes organize races and compete with one another to attract more participants and bettors. Bettors can gamble on the horses of their choice.

What Makes a Game the Best?

So, what makes one of these games the “best”? Is it the graphics that make you feel like you’re wearing a fancy hat at the Kentucky Derby? Or would the complex breeding algorithms make a geneticist raise an eyebrow?

The Thrill of the Race

It’s all about the adrenaline rush. The best games make each race an edge-of-your-seat experience.


Whether through high-quality graphics or nail-biting race mechanics, you want to feel the virtual turf under your horse’s hooves.

Economy and Realism

Let’s talk about money – because, let’s face it, that’s a big part of the appeal. A game with a stable (pun intended) economy and realistic breeding and trading systems will keep players engaged and invested (both emotionally and financially).

Breeding Mechanics

Here’s where it gets science. The top games offer a complex breeding system, making it a strategic endeavor. It’s like playing matchmaker but with horses and genetics. The goal? To breed the next Secretariat of the digital world.

Final Words

These are some of the best NFT horse racing games on the market. The great thing is that many projects are under way that will bring even more excitement to the world of NFT horse racing.

One thing is for sure: this is your only ticket to owning a racehorse and participating in races to earn money. But before diving deeper into this process, do your research and always consider the risks before investing.