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Legal Status of Crypto License in Czech Republic

We can observe an interesting situation in this jurisdiction: there is no comprehensive cryptocurrency regulatory framework, and the Czech National Bank classifies cryptocurrencies as “intangible assets” without restricting their use in daily life. However, as a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic complies with the Fourth and Fifth EU Directives designed to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The country is also gradually incorporating the provisions of MiCA (the Czech Digital Finance Act is based on the adopted rules for crypto-asset markets) into its legislation:

  • the National Bank will become the crypto regulator and will license service providers;
  • new and existing operators must register as crypto-asset service providers (CASPs) and obtain the appropriate license;
  • personal information about platform users and their financial transactions must be securely protected.

 As for now, there are no specific requirements for obtaining a crypto license in the Czech Republic –


To conduct official activities, crypto entrepreneurs need to register their organization in the Commercial Register. After preparing the required documentation, developing internal policies, registering the company, opening a settlement account in a bank or financial institution, and appointing an AML officer, one can provide services related to:

  • cryptocurrency exchange (exchange virtual currency against fiat and vice versa, or virtual currency exchange between each other)
  • opening crypto wallets;
  • conducting ICOs.

The combination of a stable economy, a favorable tax climate, strict adherence to EU legislative standards, and the absence of complex bureaucratic requirements for the residency of founders and the company registration process when obtaining a crypto license in the Czech Republic is the main reason for the jurisdiction’s popularity for launching cryptocurrency projects.

Importance of Crypto Project Legalization

Obtaining a crypto license in the Czech Republic is the first step in the official operation of a company. Compliance with legal requirements during registration strengthens trust and authority among partners and consumers. It is a testament to transparent work and financial operations, protection of clients’ interests, and reduced fraud risks for crypto platform users.


Experts at SBSB recommend seeking turnkey legal support at all stages of project launch and after its successful start. Focus on the development and scaling of your business, entrusting document preparation to experienced lawyers. With the help of SBSB Fintech Lawyers, you will go through the registration procedure in the Czech Republic as easily as possible in accordance with the regulatory rules.