The kissing gourami is an interesting and unusual fish that is native to Southeast Asia. This fish has distinctive features, such as a long snout, colorful fins, and the ability to change color depending on its environment or mood. With its unique appearance and fascinating behavior, the kissing gourami is definitely a must-see for any aquarium enthusiast.


The kissing gourami is a relatively large fish, averaging around 5-6 inches in size. It has a long, slender body and a distinctive snout that resembles the beak of a bird. This unique snout helps the fish to probe into tight crevices and seek out food hiding in cracks and brush. The body of the kissing gourami is covered in small, iridescent scales that shimmer in the light. The fish’s fins are long and flowy, and its tail is forked. The colors of the kissing gourami can range from pale brown to bright green, depending on its environment and mood. In addition, this fish is capable of changing its color to camouflage itself or attract a mate.

The kissing gourami is a bottom-dwelling fish that prefers to live among rocks, driftwood, and aquatic plants. It can be found in both shallow and deeper parts of the ocean, but generally hunts for food at night when it comes out from hiding to feed. The diet of the kissing gourami consists mainly of insects and worms, but it will also eat small fish and crustaceans if necessary.

Did you know that the kissing gourami is a freshwater fish native to Southeast Asia? Did you also know that this fish gets its name from its habit of “kissing” other fish? If you’re looking for a unique and interesting fish to add to your aquarium, the kissing gourami might be the perfect choice! In this article, we’ll share some fin-tastic facts about this fish, as well as provide some tips on how to care for them.


1. The kissing gourami is a member of the family Osphronemidae, which contains over 100 different species of freshwater fishes.

2. The scientific name for the kissing gourami is Helostoma temminckii. This name is a combination of two Latin words – helos, which means “lips,” and stoma, which means “mouth.”

3. The kissing gourami has several interesting color morphs that vary depending on their geographical location. In some cases, these fish can be solid silver, red, or marbled with green and yellow.

4. Unlike many other fish species, the kissing gourami is an active swimmer that thrives when kept in groups of at least five individuals. They also like to have plenty of room to explore and enjoy themselves in their tank.

5. The kissing gourami is a peaceful fish that generally gets along well with other aquarium residents. However, they can sometimes become territorial and aggressive towards fish that are similar in size and shape.

6. The kissing gourami is known for its unique “kissing” behavior, which is often seen as a sign of affection. These fish will gently press their lips against another fish, plant, or even a human hand!

7. The kissing gourami is an omnivore that primarily feeds on small insects, crustaceans, and zooplankton in the wild. In captivity, they will accept most kinds of live, frozen, or freeze-dried foods.

8. In order to keep your kissing gourami healthy, it’s important to maintain a clean and stable environment in their tank. This means regular water changes, as well as the use of filtration systems and chemical treatments when necessary.

9. If you’re interested in keeping a kissing gourami in your home aquarium, be sure to purchase them from a reputable source. These fish are sometimes wild-caught and may carry diseases that can be harmful to other tank residents.

10. The kissing gourami is a hardy fish that can live for several years with proper care. With their interesting behavior and unique appearance, these fish make a great addition to any aquarium!

why do kissing fish kiss?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the kissing behavior exhibited by kissing gouramis (Helostoma temminckii) remains somewhat of a mystery. Some experts have hypothesized that this behavior may be a sign of affection or courtship, while others suggest that it could be used to establish dominance or territory within the group. Whatever the reason, it is clear that kissing gouramis are fascinating and unique fish that deserve to be appreciated for their many interesting traits!