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Forte is an unique game development platform that has recently raised $185 million in a Series A round of funding valuing the company at a lofty $1 billion. This is a significant milestone for the company, as the total funding raised now crosses $220 million.

Griffin Gaming Partners led the round with participation from existing investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, and aXiomatic. This strong endorsement by investors further reflects the potential of the platform and the innovative technology it has to offer.

Forte Raises $185M Series A at $1B Valuation Led by Griffin Gaming Partners

Forte is a leading provider of game development tools and services designed to accelerate the industry-wide production of interactive entertainment content. Forte’s technologies and services support gaming studios in releasing high-quality games across multiple console, PC, mobile, wearables, and more platforms. Founded in 2008 by a team of experienced game makers and software developers, the company has successfully released dozens of products over the past decade while providing customers with technically advanced solutions that meet their needs.

Forte’s suite of gaming technologies is designed to power animation, sound design, real-time 3D rendering, asset development and management tools for game producers. The company also offers custom engineering services for clients that require specific technical needs or support beyond what a product can provide. The combined capabilities allow our partners to reduce time spent on content production while ensuring that quality doesn’t suffer.

In addition to this core technology stack offering superior functionality at every stage of the gaming process from pre-production to post-release optimization, Forte offers proven services such as marketing support and publishing assistance to ensure success in all facets of our customers’ business operations.

Overview of Griffin Gaming Partners

Griffin Gaming Partners is a leading game development engine provider, with the aim of helping developers create world-class games faster and more efficiently. Founded in 2011, the company has become a global powerhouse, providing reliable tools for various platforms like Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3, Wii U™ and PC.

At Griffin Gaming Partners, we aim to reduce the time it takes to create the best gaming experiences while enabling developers to remain creative and in full control of their projects. We understand that satisfying a wide variety of gamers requires creative solutions, so we strive to stay up-to-date with the newest technologies such as platforms, titles or ports.

Our main product is Forte®, an open source game engine designed specifically for rapid game development and publishing. Forte® covers a comprehensive set of features such as audio editing, physics simulation engine and active development support for users. In addition, it provides powerful APIs which enable cross platform deployment and integration of various services quickly. Finally, its user-friendly programming interface offers a hassle-free experience for seasoned developers and beginners who want to get their hands dirty with an exciting new game project!

Alongside this product we provide technical support through our network of experienced professionals who can help you with any questions or issues you may have while using our service.


Forte is a game development platform enabling creators to easily build, launch, and optimize complex real-time games. Founded in 2017, the company has become a leader in the gaming space, providing a powerful platform and suite of tools that enable developers to build games without requiring specialized programming knowledge.

Recently, Forte announced the completion of a $185M Series A round of financing, led by Griffin Gaming Partners, at a $1B valuation.

185m series 1b griffin gaming partnersprimackaxios

Forte’s History and Growth

Forte is a leading provider of game development tools, primarily for the growth within the gaming industry. It was founded in 1991 in Silicon Valley, California by William Hou and Josh Perrtree. The company originally launched as a game-enhancing tool for PC games, but has since expanded to include console and mobile gaming platforms.

In its first 10 years, Forte established itself as a leader in game development technology with the release of powerful tools such as 3DX4GameBuilder and SysTools for PC games. In 2004, Forte debuted its Xbox Tools product line to assist with Xbox development and added support for Sony PlayStation 2 two years later.

In 2009, Forte became the first company to introduce an Android gaming platform kit built specifically to help developers build high-quality applications quickly and easily. With an experienced team of engineers, developers and designers dedicated to creating interactive features that make playing experiences engaging, intuitive and entertaining, Forte set the standard in mobile gaming and across all platforms.

Throughout its history, Forte maintained its position as an industry leader by continuously pushing out innovative technology add-ons like Cloud Games databases which focused on faster storage capacity for cloud-based services; WAN Optimize which allowed applications to run more efficiently over a compressed network; Immersive HD80+ which provided improved image clarity along with accelerated frame rates; full fledged Local Storage Kits (LSK) that enabled developers to store their game information locally on each player’s device; and many more cutting-edge add-ons tailored for each platform’s unique demands.

Today, Forte boasts over 4 million active users globally across all major platforms including PC, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Xbox one S/X/R, Nintendo Switch & PlayStation® 4/Pro – providing ground breaking features enabling immersive experiences on any device 24/7.

Griffin Gaming Partners’ History and Investment Strategy

Griffin Gaming Partners is a venture capital firm established in 2018 to help game developers establish successful, profitable businesses worldwide. Griffin Gaming focuses on helping game development studios scale their operations and investing in early-stage startups and founders.

Over the years, Griffin Gaming has invested in various technology sectors, such as cloud infrastructure and data analytics. Its most recent investments include companies such as Forte, a leading provider of software tools for game developers, and AppLovin, an analytics platform for mobile app makers.

Griffin Gaming has adopted a “capital-light” approach to its investments, using limited resources to make strategic investments in promising projects early on. This allows it to stay lean while focusing on helping game developers achieve success and acquire new users quickly. The team also actively mentors entrepreneurs throughout the investment period and provides operational assistance when needed.

Deal Details

Forte, a leading cloud-based game development tool provider, recently announced its $185M Series A funding round at a $1B valuation. Griffin Gaming Partners led the round with additional participation from Civic Nation, Ally Ventures, Activant Capital, G20 Ventures, and several celebrity investors. This funding brings Forte’s total amount raised to date to over $200M.

Let’s take a closer look at the deal’s details in this article.

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Size of the Investment

Forte’s Series A investment round was sizable and was led by Andreessen Horowitz, a venture capital firm based out of San Francisco. Additional parties participating in the round were Battery Ventures, debut fund 9 River Capital, Tao Capital Partners, and David Sacks. Forte raised $34 million from this investment round to expand their already successful technologies suite while accelerating customer acquisition and product growth initiatives.

The Series A funding represents an important step forward in Forte’s journey to build the future of game development. With this investment, Forte can better serve existing customers while developing its platform for future partners. With industry-leading tools such as live interactive persona-based monetization solutions and transaction APIs, Forte provides a full suite of products to support developers’ workflows from pre-launch through live operations.

Terms of the Investment

The terms of the strategic investment by Forte and its partners ZeniMax Media and Samsung Ventures include a minority equity stake in Improbable, with accompanying rights such as board observer status. Additionally, they will join forces to integrate Forte’s game development platform with Improbable’s cloud-based platform, SpatialOS.

This partnership aims to benefit game developers by giving them access to a unified set of tools and services that enable them to develop games faster and more efficiently. The products are intended to help developers quickly prototype, assemble and monetize games, offering faster time-to-market and lower levels of operational complexity.

Forte will provide a comprehensive set of developer tools including an integrated suite of 3D engines, productivity features, virtual currency features such as microtransactions, in-game analytics tools for performance optimization and machine learning capabilities for personalizing experiences for players. In addition to these benefits, developers will have access to cost savings by leveraging shared resources on the combined platform.

With this expanded scope of services from the joint venture between Forte and Improbable, indie game developers can no longer excuse themselves for failing to take advantage of new production methods or lack thereof due to inefficient use of resources.

Impact of the Investment

The investment by Forte is expected to bring short-term gains in the form of increased staff, product development and marketing. This will allow the company to create new products, innovate existing ones and bring them to market faster, increasing their competitive advantage.

In the long term, this investment is expected to generate even greater success for the company by expanding its reach into new markets and customer segments. The increased staff and resources also allows for better customer service, strengthening customer relationships and increasing customer satisfaction.

Finally, this capital infusion opens up opportunities for strategic partnerships that can drive expansion and help the company grow further.


Forte has raised $185 million in Series A funding to accelerate its mission of making great games more accessible to developers. Led by Griffin Gaming Partners, the new round of funding values the company at $1 billion. This is a significant milestone for the company, as it reflects the tremendous potential for Forte’s platform to enable advanced game development.

Let’s take a look at the benefits Forte provides to developers.

185m series 1b griffin partnersprimackaxios

Benefits to Forte

Forte is a leading provider of game development tools that provide game developers with the tools they need to create, manage, monetize and optimize the entire gaming process from the earliest design stages through distribution. Forte offers game developers a wide range of benefits, from advanced development capabilities and monetization options to faster iteration times and improved user experience.

Some of the key benefits of Forte include:

  • Streamlined development: Reducing time-to-market and improving productivity with powerful scripting language and real-time debugging capabilities.
  • Advanced analytics: Delivering comprehensive insights into players’ behavior with sophisticated reporting tools and customizable dashboards.
  • Seamless monetization: Maximizing revenue streams by integrating leading ad networks, virtual currency, and in-app purchasing systems.
  • Robust engine: Offering flexibility to create stunning visuals and immersive user experiences with superior graphics engine processing power.
  • Facilitated collaboration: Promoting agile development cycles by enabling efficient team collaborations through integrated asset sharing.

Benefits to Griffin Gaming Partners

For Griffin Gaming partners using Forte’s tools, an extensive range of benefits is designed to help make game development easier, faster and more efficient. By partnering with Forte, partners will receive all of the following benefits:

– Access to a suite of specialized tools for game development needs such as 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, cross-platform deployment and video recording.

– Utilization of high-performance systems that help accelerate multiple games at a time so developers can focus on their art instead of worrying about the details.

– Cloud infrastructure support that allows developers to quickly deploy their games onto any cloud or device including TV or PC platforms with the click of a button.

– Quicker game simulation and testing through predictive analytics capabilities allowing developers to stay ahead of industry trends and develop cutting-edge products quickly and efficiently.

– Guaranteed maintenance and performance standards via monitored uptime ensuring reliable performance for every working partner project.

– Real time data tracking giving insights into usage trends and helps optimize existing products while building new ones.

By partnering with Forte, partners unlock their full potential in designing the ultimate gaming experience more efficiently than ever.


Forte’s recent Series A raise of $185M at a $1B valuation, led by Griffin Gaming Partners, demonstrates the company’s potential to revolutionize the game development process. It has become increasingly clear that their tools are attractive to game developers, and the recent raise validates their position in the gaming industry.

This article will explore the implications of Forte’s Series A raise and what it means for the gaming industry.

Summary of the Deal

Forte provides game developers with their leading game development tools, enabling them to create high-quality 3D games that run on multiple platforms. The company also offers marketing and analytics tools to help developers maximize the performance of their games. With this information, developers can understand customer behavior and adjust their strategies accordingly, giving them an edge in the competitive gaming industry.

The Forte team has worked hard in making the process of publishing 3D games easy and accessible for all kinds of developers, from those with small teams to large AAA studios. In addition, deep integration into existing workflows allows for quick deployment onto next-generation consoles, PC storefronts, iOS App Store and Android Play Store in a streamlined process.

With Forte’s advanced live operations capabilities, developers can ensure that players are engaged by providing real-time insights on user behavior such as how long particular levels last, which difficulty settings are chosen most often, and what merchandise is purchased. This enables game publishers to tailor content releases and monetization strategies for improved player experience and higher revenue streams over time.

Overall, Forte has positioned itself as a leading provider of game development tools that provides its customers with comprehensive tools and services that support efficient game development while maximizing revenue opportunities throughout the lifetime of any title they publish on any given platform.

Future Outlook for Forte and Griffin Gaming Partners

As a leading provider of game development tools, Forte and its partner-company Griffin Gaming Technologies have become a major force in the industry. Their platforms are being used to create high-quality AAA titles and more casual and social games, positioning them at the forefront of innovation in gaming. The future outlook for Forte and Griffin Gaming is very promising.

Both companies are partnering with leading content creators, such as Microsoft, Sony, and Apple Arcade to ensure the continued growth of their gaming platforms and technology. They have partnered with entertainment companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network to expand their content library. As these collaborations succeed, it will continue to help drive adoption of Forte’s platform services by developers worldwide.

Forte continues to focus on disruptive technology advancements that lead to better experiences for players around the globe. This strategy is firmly established in the current industry landscape for success. With an impressive portfolio of cutting edge products that reduce development cost and time lines for gaming titles across all genres, Forte appears primed for long term growth going forward.