The rise of crypto has been met with skepticism at pretty much every turn, with multiple arguments made to suggest that the value of coins is negligible. One of the chief arguments made to deny the worth of cryptocurrencies is that they are not widely used in the same way that fiat money is. And while that has some merit, it is not true as a blanket statement. Suppose you’re into betting, for example. In that case, you will find plenty of casinos, including those on, that will accept crypto as a deposit method – and may even have additional benefits for crypto users.

The potential advantage of using crypto at betting sites does mean that crypto bettors can point to a use case where crypto may even be better than fiat money. While people’s experiences will naturally vary, there are definite cases where using crypto can be advantageous. Below, we will take a look at some ways in which betting with crypto might be the smart choice to make.

Crypto Games Generally Have a Higher Return Rate

When you play casino games, the aim is to win. But, unfortunately, it’s something that statistics indicate won’t happen as often as we’d like because that is simply the business model of an online casino.

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Stats also indicate, though, that the games on crypto casinos have a higher rate of return than those on casinos that strictly use fiat currencies. So if you want to have a more successful time at the gaming tables and slots, you might be well advised to consider making more space for crypto casinos.

Sites that Embrace Crypto Tend to Have More Advanced Tech

Being interested in crypto in the first place means that you are more inclined to embrace the modern. This means that your experience at a crypto casino can be more beneficial in a number of ways. For one thing, crypto casinos are more likely to have live casino options, which are consistently agreed to be more enjoyable for players. Additionally, those same casinos will usually have games that are provably fair – they display their source code to make clear to everyone that they are legitimately random.

Payouts are Much Faster

One undeniable benefit of crypto casinos, and casinos that accept crypto payments, is that the banking system used for digital assets is a whole lot quicker than the conventional banking system. When you win at a casino using crypto, you will be able to withdraw your assets to a digital wallet in a much shorter space of time than if you were using fiat currency.

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Some coins, including Ethereum, can make the withdrawal process pretty much immediate, while people using fiat currencies are left waiting days for the payout to show in their accounts. Leaving everything else aside, the speedier movement of money is a marked benefit for people using cryptocurrencies. While there may be criticisms of crypto that take a lot of time to debunk, the idea that they aren’t widely useful is one that can be shot down in no time at all – especially if you point to crypto casinos.