Cryptocurrency trading platform Kraken announced on Thursday that it will introduce a market for game-based nonfungible tokens, or NFTs. Unlike traditional crypto assets like Bitcoin, which are divisible and can be subdivided into smaller units of value (i.e., satoshis), NFTs cannot be broken down further than their individual components because they represent unique physical objects within the digital world rather than concepts.

The “binance nft launch date” is the date that binance will be launching their NFT marketplace. The date should be announced soon, as it’s expected to happen within the next few weeks.

Centralized exchanges have recently increased their attempts to enter into the NFT industry with a number of new initiatives.

Top crypto exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and FTX have announced various versions of acceptance of the fledgling specialty in the crypto sector thus far.

Kraken, the newest of these large exchanges to show interest in the industry, has revealed via its CEO that it may be establishing its own NFT marketplace shortly.

Kraken has his sights set on his own NFT marketplace.

Jesse Powell, the creator and CEO of Kraken, said in a Bloomberg interview that the exchange would soon handle NFTs. “We’re working on an NFT platform right now to provide investors exposure to the expanding NFT business,” he told Bloomberg’s Emily Chang during the interview.

The CEO highlighted the several fascinating activities around NFTs, particularly Metaverses, such as land parcels, digital clothes, and proof-of-membership tokens, as well as NFTs for virtual worlds.

Projects from Metaverse-focused firms like Meta and The Sandbox would be featured on the site. Projects from companies such as Pepsi and Adidas may also be shown.

Kraken seems to have been keeping an eye on the expanding niche for some time, since it has recently produced a series of research studies on the subject.

Attempts at NFTs by centralized exchanges

If Kraken goes forward with its NFT marketplace, it will join the ranks of other significant exchanges like as Coinbase, Binance, and FTX, who are currently reaping the advantages of the area.

In June, Binance became the first centralized exchange to make a deliberate attempt to enter the area. FTX quickly followed with its own Solana-based NFT marketplace, before subsequently offering Ethereum-based NFT support as well. The group run by Sam Bankman-Fried has the distinction of being the only NFT marketplace that accepts NFTs from those two crypto assets.

Coinbase, according to publicly available information, is likewise following the same approach. The exchange recently announced that NFTs will be supported by its wallet, enabling customers to browse their collections on the platform. Houbi also conducted a trial for its own NFT platform in November.

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The “how to sell nft on ftx” is a new marketplace for trading NFTs. The first exchange is Kraken, who will be joining the list of exchanges launching a NFT marketplace.

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